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    3 freight quotes for your air & LCL shipments.

    Compare rates, transit time and sevice.  

    Find the best freight forwarder for your shipment. 



    3 freight quotes for your Air & LCL Shipments!

    Compare rates, transit time and services.

    Find the best freight forwarder for your air & LCL shipments. 




    Get up to 3 freight quotes within the next 48 hours!

    Custom-made for your air & LCL ocean shipments

    Answer a few questions about your air freight or LCL ocean Shipment.

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    Cargodeed matches your shipment with the most qualified freight forwarders.


    Compare service and rates. Choose the freight forwarder you want to work with.

    Get 3 freight quotes within 48 hours
    Lowest price or shortest transit time?
    No spam! We protect you

    Using Cargodeed is a fast and easy way to obtain custom freight quotes and reduce your shipping costs instantly. 

    After validating your shipment, Cargodeed presents your shipment to the freight forwarders who are best on that particular trade-lane, commodity or cargo size.

    You should expect to receive 3 freight quotes within 48 hours.


    Cargodeed has a huge network of global Freight Forwarders who are all interested in your shipment. However, only the most qualified Freight Forwarders get a chance to bid on your shipment.

    Are you looking to minimize transit time or shipping cost? Cargodeed makes it easy to compare freight quotes so you can choose the best one for you. 

    Don't worry, you won't get spammed or bothered with countless sales calls from hungry freight forwarders.

    Cargodeed works for you and does not pass your contact details along to our partners or any other 3 parties.

    The freight forwarders will liaise directly with Cargodeed if they have any questions regarding your shipment.



    Why use Cargodeed?:

    Reduce your shipping costs:

    Get 3 competitive freight quotes customized for your air freight or LCL ocean shipment.  

    Cargodeed matches you with the best-qualified freight forwarders for your particular shipment.

    Save time:

    Get up to 3 freight quotes within 48 hours.

    Easy to compare freight forwarders, transit times, rates and service. 


    Optimize your shipping operation:

    Get access to a huge network of international freight forwarders.  


    The shipping industry is filled with fees, charges and confusing surcharges.

    Use to get transparent rates which makes it easy for you to compare service and fees.

    Matchmaking service

    We know the freight forwarders. We know who has open space, fastest service, biggest expertise and most helpful people.

    We make sure that your shipment will be matched with the best qualified freight forwarders to ensure you get the best service and sharpest price.


    We work for you

    We do the hard work for you. If the freight forwarders have any questions to your shipment they will contact us. You want receive countless phone calls or emails because only the freight forwarder you choose will get your contact details.


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