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    How it works:

    1.    Answer a few questions about your Air Freight or LCL Shipment
    2.   Receive up to three quotes within 48 hours
    3.    Compare service and rates. Choose the Freight Forwarder you want to work with.

    With Cargodeed shipping is easy:

    • Find the best freight forwarder for your needs


    • Get competitive customized quotes.
      You'll get up to tree rates within 48 hours


    • Compare Freight Forwarders service


    • For your Air Freight and LCL Ocean shipments


    • Reduce your shipping cost immediately


    Best of all, It's free!
    Submit your shipment now and receive up to tree rates within 48 hours. 

    The shipping industry is filled with fees, charges and confusing surcharges.

    Use to get transparent rates which makes it easy for you to compare service and fees.

    Matchmaking service

    We know the freight forwarders. We know who has open space, fastest service, biggest expertise and most helpful people.

    We make sure that your shipment will be matched with the best qualified freight forwarders to ensure you get the best service and sharpest price.


    We work for you

    We do the hard work for you. If the freight forwarders have any questions to your shipment they will contact us. You want receive countless phone calls or emails because only the freight forwarder you choose will get your contact details.